What is heat shrink sleeving tube?
Heat shrinkable pipe has many performances such as flame retardant,insulation, temperature resistant ect. heat shrinkable sleeve is made of a kind of special polyolefin material,which can be also called EVA material.
It is soft and elastic. Being heated (under 70-90 degrees) will shrink.It is widely used in all kinds of wire, solder joints, insulation protection of the inductance, metal pipe, rust and corrosion resistance of bar and so on.

The effect of heat shrinkable tube
Heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of heat shrinkable packaging material.It will shrink when being heated.

The material of heat shrink sleeving tube

Heat shrinkable tube material is mainly plastic, including PVC, ABS, EVA, PET etc

Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tubing is the electronic parts for insulation, protection and design and development of products. When heated, heat shrinkable casing shrinking casing diameter half, will be to protect electronic components closely covered in the casing, and not affected by the external environment. Unlike other casing the biggest advantage is its heat resistance can reach 200 ℃. Application of commonly used in medical equipment, household electrical appliances, aerospace, military industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic components, transformers, motors, etc.


UL irradiation crosslinking PE heat shrinkable tube has high temperature resistant, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance, widely used in the insulation of the cable, connector, transformer, inductance coil material, it also can be used as oil, water, gas and chemical pipeline anticorrosion coating.
PVC heat shrinkable tubing has special function  of heat shrinking, its specifications from Φ 2 – Φ 200. PVC heat shrinkable tube has three series of heat-resistant temperature :85 ℃ ,105 ℃, 125 ℃. PVC heat shrinkable tubing surface can also be printed on the fine words or design, the product can have the effect of identification and anti-counterfeiting, products comply with European environmental standards at the same time: 3050 b and EN1122:2001 do not contain PCBs, PCP, PBB, PBDE environmentally harmful material such as CFCs and HCFCs. The main technical index has reached the international advanced level of similar products. The company’s main products are mainly used in household appliances, electric power, battery, electronic instruments, electrical and military equipment.


Our company is specialized in supplying PE heat shrink tube,of course ,we also supply some other different shrink tube made of different materials such as silicone rubber ,viton,ptfe ect.


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