It is well known that heat expansion cold shrink is the basic physical properties for all the objects. However, a few material under certain conditions will violate this rule. For example, when the temperature stays below zero, water volume will increase.So some polymer materials disposed by special technology (technology) can have an performance of heat shrink. In modern time,the products that make the heat shrink performance as main function are called heat shrink products.

Heat shrink material is also called macromolecule shape memory material. It is a intelligent material between cross-linked polymer and radiation processing technology . Common polymer materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are usually a linear structure, these materials can become a mesh structure after dealing with by radiation source such as electron accelerator,meantime they will have a unique “memory effect”, expansion, cooling stereotyped materials can shrink to its original shape when heated.

Irradiation process is the key link for heat shrink products.For the moment,using electron accelerator beam irradiation is the main way of irradiation, the core of the product modification, The development of heat shrinkable materials is doom to accompany with the development of irradiation technology and irradiation equipment.

heat shrink material and machine

This is the machine of heat shrink tube, without them, we can’t produce all kinds of heat shrink tubes.

Owe to the  heat shrink materials, we can produce many different types of heat shrink products to contribute our life and economy.