Heat shrinkable identification tubing is based on the material of thermoplastic polyolefin ,with the auxiliary material such as flame retardant without toxic substances and additives for composite polymer materials, then extruding into tubes.After gamma ray irradiation or high electron beam bombardment, linear molecular chain segments will be crosslinking and become a “shape memory” “thermosetting material. Heat to make diameter expansion to several times of the original. If heated to 80 ℃ ~ 125 ℃, the diameter of the heat shrinkable sleeving will bounce back to the original size. Heat shrink mark tube is on the basis of polyolefin heat shrinkable tube, through special processing, making its surface can adapt to pin type, thermal transfer and laser engraving three printer.The core value lies in its permanent identification. “A color code firmness” is a measure whether thermal shrinkage mark tube is better than that of other identification methods, mainly by electrical properties of physical and chemical, color code on the matrix adhesion (abrasion resistance, resistance to wipe or scraping resistance), solvent resistance, color code, and signs of aging resistance ect to distinguish.


Maybe you have some difficulties to understand the aboved,but what you should remember is that heat shrink identification tube is a good mark for the wire or cable that easily makes you confused. The Most important is that heat shrink mark sleeve can be printed with any text you want,also the text is permanent.That’s enough.

Continuous working temperature: 55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃, the minimum shrinkage temperature: 85 ℃, the lowest complete shrinkage temperature: 115 ℃ ,shrink ratio 2:1  3:1  and heat shrink identification tube has two colors white ,yellow.

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