We produce heat shrink electrical terminals , also named heat shrink electrical connectors .

Heat shrink electrical terminals also include many types .

1 . Dura Seal Heat Shrinkable Butt Splice , It consists of a heat-shrinkable tube and a copper ring.









The ring in this terminal made of red copper or brass .  Cooper ring terminal always be more expensive , but The conductivity is better .

DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Butt Splice

2. Solder Sleeve Wire Splice , It consists of a heat-shrinkable tube and a tin ring.

solder sleeve wire splices install step 6









Easy to install .

Solder Sleeve Wire Splice

3. DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Ring Terminals

DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Ring Terminals

4. DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Fork Terminals

DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Fork Terminals

5. DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Push-on Terminals

DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Push-on Terminals