heat shrink tube can be used for heat shrink connection, So when installing heat shrinkable tube,you should follow the following process specification:

1.when the production needs to use the connection ear,we must use the heat shrinkable tube to protect, prevent the connection ear and copper wire bare outside.

2.The connection ear and heat shrink tube ought to be suitable for each other. For instance,for the specificaton of connection ear 2.5-4, the size 4mm heat shrink sleeve can be used.

heat shrink connection ear

3.Connection ear and heat shrinkable sleeve installation method:

>according to the wire to find a suitable heat shrinkable tube
>then use scissors to cut the heat shrinkable casing into 4 cm length
>use wire stripping pliers to make both ends of the wire bare about 1cm copper
>insert the two ends of wire into the heat shrinkable casing
>Install wiring ear, use the hammer to fix it, do pull test with both hands to ensure the wiring ear will not loosen.
>Then make the heat shrink tube cover the connection .
>Finally use thermal shrink gun for heating until the heat shrink sleeve sticks to the wire hard.

4.When needing to put the two wires into a wire in the production of products, we should operate as below:

>First select the appropriate heat shrinkable tube set into the wire
>strip the wire then weld
>do pull test to ensure that the two wire welding will not fall off
>To push the heat shrink tube to wire connection, make sure heat shrinkable sleeving completely cover wire stripping without exposing surface.
>Finally use heat shrink gun for heating

Whatever heat shrink tube is used, we should operate in the right way. Only this, can we make sure heat shrink tube works thoroughly.