DICORE Heat shrink cable end cap is made of high quality cross linked PE material and EVA adhesive. The inner adhesive is spiral style.

heat shrink cable end cap is used to seal the ends of cables, pipes, it is could protect object from water, moisture.

heat shrink cable ned cap has compatible cable jackets, such as XLPE, PVC, PILC or rubber sheathed cable, it can all be applied to them because of the inner hot adhesive. This excellent property leads to its wide application in many fields. 

heat shrink cable end cap can be widely used in electric, cable, the using quantity is mcuh  larger. When operation of heat shrink cable  end cap, pls keep clear, dry  environment, this can lengthen  using life of heat shrink cable end cap and make to  get the best function.

heat shrink cable end cap can be also used in civil engineering, protecting  HDPE currugated pipe. As OD 92-96mm currugated pipe, it needs cable end cap diameter 100mm to protect and insulate.

heat shrink cable end cap

heat shrink cable end cap

And heat shrink cable end cap has different types. and it has an extended length edition. And the size is from 12mm to 200mm. And the sealing effect is rather gorgeous. 

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