Heat shrink bus bar tubing,also called out door insulation tubes or high voltage heat shrink tube.

heat shrink bus bar tube is usualy applied to protect the bus bar in tansformer substation, maybe you will meet below problems during execution

1 . tubing broken. This is the commonest problem, maybe result from un-neat cuting, burr on bus-bar, nonuniform heating, these can be avoid with careful. Another is the quality of bus bar tubing, such as a high persent of emissive, a lower tensile strength, holes on tubing.

2. bubble. After tubing shrinked, maybe it not very tight to bus bar, that is some bubbles in. manly reason  as below,

1) wrong operation. When heat the sleeve, you need heat from one side to another side, or heat from middle to ends. This way can remove inside air.

2) not preheat bus-bar before recovered tubing

3) lower emissive result in materail decomposed

3. some corrugation in crook. You can shrinked the straight part first, then heat from crook outside to inside, meanwhile aother person drag slowly the busbar insulation tube.

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