High temperature heat shrink tube has high temperature resistant, mechanical strength, good chemical resistance etc, it is widely used in cable insulation protection, the insulation of the end or at the end of the joint treatment or stress relief, covering and insulation protection wire processing, solder joints coating protection, electronic  components, resistors, capacitors, insulating protection, metal rust and corrosion resistance of products, such as color of wire label or mark.  According to the temperature level and the using environment  can be divided into: 125 ℃ heat shrinkable tube, 150 ℃ heat shrinkable tube, 175 ℃ heat shrinkable tube, 200 ℃ heat shrinkable tube, 260 ℃ heat shrinkable tube.


Performance of high temperature:
The synthesis of special high temperature materials determines that high temperature heat shinkable tubing has many characteristics that other product can’t replace it such as high temperature resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation performance, flame retardant,electrical insulation, chemical stability, weathering resistance, cold-resistant, water resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance etc.


125 ℃ heat shrinkable tube
125 ℃ heat shrinkable tube is made of the soft environmental protection, flame retardant, radiation crosslinked polyolefin and passed UL and CSA certified.


150 ℃ heat shrinkable tube
150 ℃ heat shrink tubing has high performance,flame retardance,high pressure resistance, soft and elastic and excellent mechanical properties.  It has passed the UL certification. Because of their excellent high temperature resistant, high voltage and insulation resistance ,it is Widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, electrical appliances, household appliances, high-rise buildings, lighting lighting, special transformer, sensor, temperature sensor, etc.


175 ℃ heat shrinkable tube
175 ℃ heat shrink tubing is made of special polymer of irradiation crosslinking.It is transparent and flame retardant. For high temperature, high pressure resistance, soft and elastic, and has excellent mechanical properties,This product is generally used in high temperature oil environmental protection of electronic components,the insulation and protection of the thermocouples and resistor capacitor.

200 ℃ heat shrinkable tube
200 ℃ (fluorine rubber heat shrinkable tubes) heat shrinkable tube has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, oil resistance and chemical reagent resistance, especially suitable for heat resistant (such as a plane or a car engine or fuel tanks near the electric and hydraulic system) and chemical solvent resistance .200 ℃ heat shrinkable tube is applicable to the wire and cable insulation to protect the environment and stress relief, to protect electronic equipment from damage.


260 ℃ heat shrinkable tube
260 ℃  heat shrinkable tubing (PTFE) has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, flame retardant and long-term aging characteristics. Widely used in aerospace, instrumentation, light textile chemical industry, food, medical, electronic appliances, post and telecommunication, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, railway transportation, electrical appliances, household appliances, high-rise buildings, lighting lighting, special transformers, special cable, sensor, temperature sensor, etc.


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