Fiber optic heat shrink sleeve is comprised of heat shrink tube, hot melt tube and stainless needle (or ceramic rod/quartz rod). Transparent outer facilitate testing whether optical fiber joint parts is correct, making optical fiber assembly simply and completely and keeping the optical fiber transmission properties after shrinking. What’s more, fiber optic heat shrink sleevecan be a good protection and insulation to the joint of optical fiber. Easy operation, reliable performance, to avoid fiber damage in the process of installation.

>Product feature:
1.Good transparency, optical fiber joint condition be clear at a glance
2.Shrinking fast, high construction efficiency  soft and high strength
3.Easy operation, reliable performance
4.Working temperature: – 45 ℃ ~ 110 ℃
5.Environmental standard:RoHs
6.Standard color:clear(other colors can be available such as red,blue,yellow,white ect)


Technical Data


Properties Test Method Typical Data
Tensile Strength(MPa) ASTM D 2671 ≥18 Mpa
Ultimate Elongation (%) ASTM D 2671 700%
Density (g/cm2) ISO R1183D 0.94 g/cm2
Dielectric Strength (KV/mm) IEC 243 20KV/mm
Dielectric Constant IEC 243 2.5max
Longitudinal Change (%) ASTM D 2671 ±5%
fiber optic sleeve

fiber optic sleeve structure

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