Dura Seal Heat Shrinkable Cable Joint

Let’s talk about Dura Seal Heat Shrinkable Cable Joint (butt splice) this time as the products in the picture below . We named it DHSCS .

butt splice











It is generally used for wire connections .

It consists of heat shrink tubing and a metal ring , one question always asked by our customers : why your Dura Seal Heat Shrinkable Cable Joint more expensive than some other supplier ? There are two reasons : First , the quality of the heat shrink tubing is better , It is not easy to break when pressed ; second , the metal ring inside is made of red copper not brass . 

Next , let’s introduce using methods and considerations 

1. Choose the right size of DHSCS .

2. Cover the cable with heat shrink butt joint , then squeeze the copper ring with a special clamp . Pay attention : if you find you can not clamp the wire with the heat shrink butt joint , please change another small butt splice , or you can fold the copper wire inside the cable before you connect it .

cable connection heat shrink










3.Heat with a hot air gun . Pay attention : keep moving the hot air gun to make the heating even .

wire splice









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