Dual wall heat shrink tubing is used widely in the auto field. This heat shrink tube can deal with the friction and interference between the oil tube.

The characteristics of special heat shrinkable tube for automobile includes: heat shrinkable, double wall, hot melt adhesive inside. So this dual wall thermal shrinkage tube is divided into two layers inside and outside. Here is the specific element: the outer layer is the mixture of high pressure low density polyethylene and EVA, and the inner layer is ultra thin plastic but strong-viscosity hot melt sealing resin. When setting the dual wall heat shrink tube alright outside the oil tube,heat it evenly.You’ll find that double-wall thermal shrinkage tube will shrink slowly,and the inner layer holt melt adhesive will make heat shrink tubing and the oil tube close together without any gap between them. This kind of protection method will greatly increase the life of the oil tube.
Initially there is only single wall heat shrink tube,which is mainly applied in electrical equipment and refrigeration equipment as the protection of the electrical connector. Then Raychem company produced special double-wall heat shrink tube for automobile industry. Because of its  excellent anti-corrosion performance and preventing  related parts from friction, so dual wall heat shrink tube is especially suitable for compact structure small cars. Especially in the vehicle chassis parts,dual wall can effectively protect brake tubing from corrosion of the sand and mud. From then on,double wall heat shrinkable tube starts to be used widely till now.

dual wall heat shrink tube

Also double heat shrinkable tube has high hardness and wear resistance, so it can form a protective layer on the outside of the oil tubing, so as to avoid direct friction of steel pipe and other components.  Now in the market of small cars with high power engine as well as the increasing number power steering, leading to the narrow space and more crowded,also the brake pipe  is also becoming more and more complex, the problem of interference between the tubing and the related partsoften appears , But double wall heat shrink tubing can deal with these problems effectively.