In our daily life,  tape is universally used such as sticking to paper,electrical wire wrapping ,electric insulation or sealing the package box. It is absolutely a practical commodity. But for several types of tape as below ,you may have no acquaintance with them. So I will introduce several types of tape  in detail.

First of all, it’s heat shrink insulating tape. It’s made from Polyolefin and specially designed to repair the buried / over the cable or pipe It is mainly used for insulating, anti-corrosive and mending purposes at the bending part. This heat shrink tube may also be wound around the whole cable or pipe for insulating and anti-corrosive purpose.

HSIT - Heat shrink Insulation tape red green yellow

Heat shrink Insulation tape










Second will be Vinyl electrical tape. It’s a common glue tape and usually used in electrical wire for insulation,sealing,splicing ect.But it’s different from the ordinary electrical tape because its operating temperature is -18 centigrade to 38 centigrade. Accordingly, it’s more practical in daily life.

vinyl electrical tape alternative for 3M Scotch 33+ 88T

vinyl electrical tape

Next PVC wire wrapping tape comes. From its name ,we can know its material. Yes,it’s PVC.It can protect wire groups, splice bundles and pulp and paper insulated wire. It has a good property of self -fusion, thus it will form a compact ,durable,flexible, sealing ,insulating environment so that it can offer better protection for the articles.

PVC Wire Wrapping tape - alternative for 3M 2183 E-Z Wrap Tape

PVC Wire Wrapping tape










Ethylene propylene rubber tape will be the fourth one. It also can be self fusion.but it’s not its best charactor. High voltage and high temperature is its advantage. It can be used to splice and terminate cables whose emergency overload temperatures can reach 130℃ and can splice cable from 600V to 69KV.

EPRT - Ethylene Propylene rubber tape

Ethylene Propylene Rubber Tape










The fifth one is mastic sealing tape. It is non-conductive, has good compression qualities and excellent electrical properties and can be wrapped, stretched or molded around irregular shapes for quick, smooth insulation build-up.

MAST Gray Mastic Sealing Tape alternative for 3M 2900R Tape

Mastic Sealing Tape









The last one is Vinyl mastic tape. It is designed for moisture sealing of electrical connections up to 600 volts. It can be used for cable sheath repair, splice case and load coil case protection, auxiliary sleeve and cable reel end sealing, drop wire insulating, conduit repair and protection of CATV components.

VYMT - Vinyl Mastic Tape alternative for 3M VM Tape

Vinyl Mastic Tape










The above six types of tapes all can be available from us. If you want to purchase ,you can contact us