Heat shrink tubing have a wide variety of uses, and they are also easy to use. Many people are surprised to learn about the amount of tubing that take place while the tubing are being made within the home. Through the use of these tubing , it can be simple to make changes to accommodate the plans within the home and it can be simple to re-route wires within the home in case there are changes within these plans, or boundaries that cannot be overcome when it comes to the wires.

Dicore is one of the leading Cable jointing Accessories manufacturers, Cable Accessories Supplier, Cable Accessories provider, cable jointing accessories exporter. We are also manufacturing and exporting Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve, cable jointing systems, cable joints kits, Resin Pour, Tapex, Vinyl Mastic Tape, Pre-Moulded Slip-On and Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Accessories upto 400 kV. Our products meet the highest standards of excellence for design, durability and functionality.

Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tubing is one of product provided by Dicore having features like Application: Insulating, Reduces bus bar clearance, Protects against accidental flashover, Suitable for cable joints & terminations, Material: Cross linked polyolefin, free of lead & cadmium, Colour: Red, Non – tracking Halogen free, Outstanding mechnical, chemical & electrical properties, UV – resistant, Continuous operation temperature: – 55° C to 120° C.