125 ℃  Double wall heat shrink tube is soft, flame retardant, irradiation crosslinking double wall gel heat shrinkable tube. The inner wall have a good performance of hot melt adhesive, the outer layer is soft, flame retardant, radiation crosslinked polyolefin, makeing the dual wall heat shrinkable tube have a flexible shrink ratio as mucn as three to four times .After shrinking,hot melt glue can make the material connecting the two ends completely sealed.Also double wall heat shrink tubing is easy installation, no need to maintain,  environmental resistant such as moisture,water etc.

Dual wall heat shrink sleeve is generally applied to cable connection, moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion protection and insulation protection for cable or components, repair the damaged cable insulation, etc.

Double-wall thermal shrinkage tube with adhesive

Features: high shrinkage ratio 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, which can satisfy the connector and cable sealing insulation protection.Especially dual wall shrink tube contains hot melt adhesive, which can realize moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion, good physical properties, chemical properties and electrical performance for cable joint and electronic components. Hot melt glue has a good performance to plastic, rubber and metal. In addition,double wall heat shrink tube does not contain chlorine PCBS,PCPS and polybrominated biphenyls PBBs, polybrominated diphenyl oxide PBBOs, polybrominated diphenyl ether PBBEs, PBDEs and other harmful substances to the environment,complying with European RoHS.
Temperature range: continuous use temperature: 55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃, the lowest initial shrinkage temperature: 80 ℃, the lowest complete shrinkage temperature: 120 ℃

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