Cristobal is a engineer of our Colombian customer , his target of this time was assessing the supplier level , so he required to visit our factory , we are professinal manufacturer , so we have enough confidence to show our actual strength to every customer . Welcome Cristobal , and thanks for your final assessment : A !

Maybe other customers will interested in our production procedure , share with you now

1. Configure raw materials proportionally for different heat shrink tubing ,  then put the materials into a machine , the common tubing will come out other side . It is not heat shrink tubing , just a common PE tubing .

2. Irradiation treatment with special machine . This machine is very expensive , small factories will not be used .

3. Expand the tubing with machine (it is heat shrink tubing now)

Cristobal asked us one question : How can we conform the right size include before shrined and after shrinked ?

Answer :For example if you need a heat shrink tubing inner diameter 3mm , and shrink ratio 3:1 , after shrinked 1mm .

First we will produce a common tubing 1mm , then expand it to 3mm , the size will precision dimension control by our machine , so do not worry about it .

4. Coating glue inside heat shrink tubing . Normally we call it dual wall heat shrink tubing (DHST)with glue inside , and call it single wall heat shrink tubing (HHST) without  glue inside , and one more difference between them is thickness of the wall , the wall of dual wall heat shrink tubing is thicker than single wall heat shrink tubing .  The glue will make heat shrink tubing adhesion to items that will be wrapped more better , waterproof and seal .

5. Cut and Pack .














Now we have many customers from all over the world . In order to reduce the cost of transportation for users , we are looking for agents in United states (USA) , Canada , United Kingdom , Austrilia , New Zealand , Singapore , Malaysia .We will offer agents ample profit margins , and let our customers in your area purchase product from you !

The Pathway of transport up to you , no matter where you are , we will choose the best for you , DHL , EMS , UPS , Fedex , TNT , Ocean shipping , Air transportation all will be ok . 

Once you need heat shrink tubing , please contact us Dicore  , we will offer you best products and price !