Recently, I was adjusting some wires behind my TV when I noticed a lot of wires were bundled by tubing that appeared warped.  And, I know “warped” can often have a negative connotation, but the tubing was warped in a way that enhanced the bundling.  Also, I know this isn’t some groundbreaking discovery—I’ve seen this type of tubing before.  But, for some reason, this sparked some curiosity.  I knew that somewhere in the world there was probably an entire industry dedicated to this one, miniscule product.  So, me being me, I decided to look it up.  Basically, though, I found that what I had dubbed “that warped plastic thing” was actually called Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve.
Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve is a tube which shrinks when heated.  The diameter and thickness of the tube vary.  Heat shrink tubing is used to insulate wires and offers abrasion resistance.  Additionally, it offers environmental protection for conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical engineering.  Essentially, you place the Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve wherever you need, and then use a hot air gun, or a similar device, to warp the plastic so it’s secure.  Continuing with security, some types of heat shrink tubing utilize a layer of thermoplastic adhesive to help provide a good seal and better adhesion.  Heat shrink tubing is made from a thermoplastic material like the fluoropolymer PTFE.
Most people recognize that Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve is the best kind to use for these kind of jobs. If you want to make sure that it gets done the right way, then you will certainly want to invest some time and energy looking for the right ones. You will need to consider the size of the tubing that you buy, because you want to have just the right amount. One good rule to follow is that having too much of a certain type of tubing is always better than not enough, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around. You should also keep in mind that buying in bulk online can be a wonderful way to save money and get a great deal on the materials you need for the project you are working on.