For colors of heat shrink tubing , there are many different colors to be chosen, and different types of tube to be chosen.

Thin wall heatshrink tubing, include black, red, yellow, green, blue, clear, gray, blown, pink, and yellow/green color.

colors of heat shrink tubing

Dual wall heat shrink tubing, there are black, red, green, blue, clear colors.

Medium wall and heavy wall are two types with adhesive heat shrink tubing, medium wall tubing is thinner, and heavy wall is thicker, there are only black. Also these two types could be non adhesive if you ask.

Fiber optic splice protector sleeve there are 13 codes color, clear is the most used color and cheaper, also some customer will use other color as red, yellow… for their demand.

Identification heat shrink tubing is for one type thermal printer, it is as a ID use for electrical cable or other cable that need identify. This tubing have white and yellow color. This tubing is expansive, so some customer for long use anti from dust, water, oil…, they will use one clear thin wall heat shrink tubing to protect identification heat shrink tubing.

Non slip heat shrink tubing, black, red, yellow, green, blue.

Some type of  heat shrink tubings only clear color, as KYNAR heat shrink tubing

So if you want the beautiful effect, maybe you can choose the halogen free heat shrink tube, it has many different colors.