Cold shrink tube is an open ended rubber sleeve, primarily made from rubber elstomers with high-performance physical properties. The rubber elstomers has been pre-stretched or expanded, then cover it onto a plastic core.. During installation process, shrinking cold shrink tubing upon break away the core and sliding it over the cable to be terminated and unwinds the core. This cause the tube to collapse down, or contract, in place.Cold shrink tubing usually apply to electrical work, such as, the insulate of wires, connections, joints and terminals. It can also be used to repair bundle wires together , wires,and to protect wires or small prets from minor abrasion.

cold shrink tube

And cold shrink tube has properties as below:

>simple installation,just needs workman’s hands

>accommodates a wide range of cable size ,such as size 8423-6,it can be suitable for cable size from 7.8mm to14.3mm

>no torches or heat required

>good thermal stability

>seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of aging and exposure

>excellent wet electrical properties

>improved tough rubber formulation to with stand rough backfilling

>waterproof and resists fungus ,acids ,alkalis,ozone and ultaviolet light ect