Cold shrink tube generally refers to retractable cable accessories.
Cold shrink tube is made of an elastomeric material (commonly used silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber) by injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, and then expanded diameter, lined with plastic screw supports to form a variety of cable accessories parts. Field installation, pre-dilation of these sets of cables after treatment ends or joints, out of a plastic spiral of internal support (supports), pressing the cable insulation cable accessories constituted. Because it is at room temperature by elastic recoil, rather than heat shrinkable cable accessories with fire heat shrinkage, so-called cold shrink cable accessories. Early Cold Shrink Cable Terminal just additional insulation with silicone rubber cold shrink parts, electric field treatment still use stress or stress cone type tape wrapping style.


Now widely used cold shrink stress control tube, the voltage level from 10kv to 35kv. Cold shrink cable joints, 1kv level using cold shrink insulation tube for enhanced insulation, 10kv level uses with inner and outer semi-conductive shielding layer joints cold shrink insulation. Three-core cable terminal branches of the bifurcation using cold shrink sleeve.
Cold shrink cable accessories with a small, easy to operate, quick, no special tools, and product specifications for a wide range of advantages of less. Compared with heat shrinkable cable accessories, without the use of heat, and after installation will not move or bend heat shrinkable cable accessories such as accessories interior layers appear disengaged risk (because of the cold shrink cable accessories by elastic pressure clamping force). Compared with prefabricated cable accessories, though they are by elastic clamping force to ensure that the internal interface features, but it is not prefabricated cable accessories and cable section as correspondence, specifications and more.
It should be noted that, before being installed in the cable, cable accessories prefabricated parts are no tension, and cold shrink cable attachment is in a high tension state, we must ensure that the storage period, the cold shrink type component should be a significant permanent deformation or elastic stress relaxation, or the installation can not be guaranteed after the cable is flexible enough clamping force, and thus can not guarantee a good interface properties.