heat shrink tubing choice  is a pretty important factor for using heat shrink tubing ,if knowing nothing about it,you should refer to this passage.

Small flexible Heat Shrink Tubing is widely used in electrics, small sizes(usually 0.6mm-50mm) with voltage about 1kv. Since electrical products have high request for heat shrink tubing, when choosing tubing, you need not only choose the suitable size and voltage, but alos comply to below factors.

1. They should be environment friendly, flame retardant first, or halogen free, usually made from PE(polyolenfin).
2. Bright and clear surface, colour and lustre should evenly, with good abrasive resistance
3.Not big wall thickness deviation, usually the rate not over 30%, and the wall thick should be uniformity. Straight shrink rate within 5%. Working temperature usually -55degree to 125degree.

As for heat shrink tubing choosing, three principles is

1) Can cover the electrical products, and easy to operate
2) Tight shrinked, the tubing can cover tight on electrical products after shrinking.
3) Price, usually bigger size means a higher price. So according to above two principles and thickness to choose a suitable and smallest size is important.

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