Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing are environment friendly due to the formulation using high polymers, through cross-link by electronic accelerator and continuous expansion. Some of the salient features such as flexibility flame retardant, quick shrink and stable performance make these suitable for applications in the field of electronics, communication, automobile and widely applied for connecting or end-handling, electric wire, insulating and harness of electric wire, corrosion and rust-proof of metallic rods or tubes, antenna protection and marking for other products
Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing: Tubing materials are obtained by cross-linking of polyethylene with chemical or radiation method. The shape of a product is formed at high temperatures and then solidified by cooling it to a room temperature. The product highly increases its cross dimensions during this process. By heating the product to temperature 120/200 during assembling we cause its form to be melted and, owing its “shape memory”, it will attempt to return to its original shape, thus significantly decreasing its cross dimensions and tightly closing the object placed previously into it. This ensures electrical insulation, anticorrosion protection, improves aesthetics.
– Excellent anti-tracking performance and erosion resistance
– Excellent Flame retardant properties
– Good Weather/ UV resistance
– Non-carbon Material
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Protects against accidental flashover
– Halogen free
– Easy installation and removal
– High dielectric strength
– Compliance with ESI 0-13 standard
– Reduces bus bar clearance
– Colour: Red
– Continuous operation temperature: – 55° C to 120° C.