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Which fields does dual wall heat shrink tubing applied to ?

Dual wall heat shrink tubing is one type of heat shrink tubing ,It is widely used in many fields . Different users will use it in different fields , because of one or two peculiarities of dual wall heat shrink tubing . Sometimes , customers use it in some fields even manufacturers do not aware […]

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Heat shrink cable repair sleeve

It’s been a long time that we repaire cable by electrical tape before , although it is insulation  but not waterproof , and easy to come off . So many people use heat shrink tubing instead electrical tape now .

We will come across 2 situations

1. The cable can be cut off then Reconnect . […]

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Fiber Optic Fusion SpliceProtection Sleeves

Fiber Optic Fusion SpliceProtection Sleeves

First , what is Fiber Optic Fusion SpliceProtection Sleeves , and What is it used for ?

Consist of cross linked polyolefin, Hot fusion tubing and Stainless Reinforcing Steel Rod which keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices. Easily operating to the optical […]

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The National Day holiday notice

The China National day holiday will conming , and the holiday will since 1th to 8th October . So if you need any products , no matter heat shrink tubing ,heat shrink tubing , shrinkable wire splices , braided cable sleeve or fiber optic protect sleeve , please order it before our national days […]

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Customer’s engineer visit our factory

Cristobal is a engineer of our Colombian customer , his target of this time was assessing the supplier level , so he required to visit our factory , we are professinal manufacturer , so we have enough confidence to show our actual strength to every customer . Welcome Cristobal , and thanks for your […]

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Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing PE Insulator For USB Cable Factory Direct Sale

Product Description

Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing PE Insulator For USB Cable Factory Direct Sale

Polyolefin Material, 125℃, UL/CSA VW-1, 2:1 or 3:1 shrink ratio, flexible, fast shrinking, flame-retardant, RoHs compliant, all kind of color, sizes from 0.8mm-120mm.

Technical Data

Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing PE Insulator For USB Cable Factory Direct Sale

Product Dimension
Flame Retardant Heat […]

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Convert the flat width into inner diameter

Many customers received heat shrink tubing , it is flat , so when they order heat shrink tube , they will just tell us the flat width of heat shrink tubing , but ordinary manufacturers will just ask which inner diameter do you need ! Of cause , we will convert into inner diameter […]

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Thin Elastic Vinyl PVC Wire E-Z Wrapping Tape

Product Description

PVC Wire Wrapping Tape, E-Z Wrapping tape is a tough, thin elastic vinyl material which sticks to itself when wrapped in layers. It forms a compact, durable, flexible, moisture-proof covering.


Protects wire groups, splice bundles and pulp and paper insulated wire. Recommended for Foam Sealed, and Better Buried, Compound Compression closures.

RoHs Compliant
> Lead Free
> […]

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Non slip heat shrink tube be applied to fishing rod

Do not tell me you have not any hobby ! No matter who you are , how old you are , male or female , you must have your hobbies .
Today I just want to share a life tip with some one who like fishing or playing badminton or tennis .
As we know , […]

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Our social platform (facebook,google+,pinterest)

There are some problem makes us can not change our our social platform link direct on our official website .

These are the links of our new social platform

1. Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/Shenzhen-Dicore-Technology-CoLimited-300398417084476/

We setted up a discussion group on Facebook , you can ask all your questions about heat shrink tubing there , our team will […]

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