We at home, workplaces, factory, can see different cables, but if these have no markers, it is very annoyed for us to pick a wrong cables when we want to unplug the cables, especially the cable is same. So the cable should be named in case for picking wrong cables. There is a simple and easy way to solve such problem.

Have you ever heard of heat shrinkable identification tube? It is also called cable label tube which are designed to meet the wire and cable marking needs of manufacturers with high performance requirements. And the heat shrinkable identification tube is made from permanent, flame retarded, radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable environmental polyolefin. It is helpful to make markers on cable and wire. It has two type: T type and R type. Many feature like easily operation, and non-slip after shrinking, military grade and RoHS compliant.

heat shrink identification tubing ladder type, roll type

heat shrink identification tubing, T type and R type


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