Cable joint is also known as cable end. When the cable is paved well,in order to make it a continuous line, every separated line must be connected as a whole. So this connection is called cable joint.


waterproof cable gland

And as to cable joint,its main role is to make the line unobstructed, keep the cable seal, and to ensure the joint insulation level. Only in this way,we can assure that the line can operate safely and reliably. If seal bad, it not only can spill oil,causing oil-paper dry, but also can invade the cable internal moisture, making the paper insulation performance degrade.

Sometimes many problems will occur.For instance,When some of electrical installation personnel are laying wires,they often do not pay attention to quality of installation: somewhere they should use insulation casing and junction boxes but not use ; Even in wire joint they don’t use splicing method, but use illegal hook connection method. This hook connection method will make big contact resistance and energize the constant fever, finally it will set a fire.

So when installation, we should operate in the right way to make sure the safety and smooth work.

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