Among countless wire is used in the electronic business, Heat Shrink Tubing is also widely application in all types of hookup. PVC wire is the most common type of hook up wire and shrinkable tubing is used on it all the time. Some companies will buy the bulk wire and then cut and strip it into smaller pieces and make assemblies or harnesses out of them. These companies also tin dip, solder and terminate when needed. During that process heat shrink tubing is required to cover splices and terminals from touching other metals and shorting out. You cut a piece of the tubing, place it over the wire and use a heat gun to shrink it down until it adheres to the wire.


When using electrical wire it might be more difficult to to get the Heat Shrink Tubing to completely adhere to it because of the nylon coating over the insulation. It makes the wire more slippery to push through conduit easier so the tubing will sometimes slip off even when shrunk all the way down. You probably won’t see too much electrical wire with tubing anyways because there are very few applications where it would be needed.