In the fields of heat shrink tubes,tyco/raychen having a long history is a distinguished, excellent and well-known brand.

For example,bus bar insulation tubes,this product has two types:BPTM and BBIT.

In fact ,this two types have the same functions in protection and insulation for bus bar.The unique difference is their voltage class,one is 25Kv,the other is 36Kv.

Raychem heat shrink busbar insulation tube provides insulation enhancement and protection against flashover and accidentally induced discharge. Particularly useful in confined spaces Raychem tubing can be used on both circular and rectangular copper or aluminium busbars.On application of heat the tubing shrinks snugly over the busbar profile ensuring that the required minimum wall thickness is obtained. Raychem tubing  can be installed easily during large scale production using an oven or in the field using a gas torch or hot air. Raychem tubing  is manufactured from a non-halogen based polymer which has excellent performance in high voltage environments and greatly reduces the noxious and corrosive effects in fire situations.

The use of Raychem heat shrinkable busbar tubing allows equipment designers the freedom to reduce air spacing between busbars, such as in the manufacture of switchgear cabinets where space is at a premium.  and their (BPTM,BBIT) voltage class is up to 25Kv and 36Kv.

It can’t be denied that Raychem heat shrink tube has a good quality ,a top-class production line and a outstanding saleteam. But compared to Raychem heat shrink tubes,our product have  more advantages in price and MOQ.

And the quality is equivalent to that of raychem heat shrink.Our bus bar heat shrink tubes has good quality and competitive price.

Heat shrink busbar tubing has an excellent protection and insulation for busbar in switchgear and other applications.and busbar heat shrink tube has three type in voltage class:1Kv,10Kv and 35Kv.

Busbar heat shrink tube

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