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Heat Shrink Tubing for cable protection and repair

Heat shrink tube for cable protection and repair,it is generally divided into 3 types.

New application of PVDF tube

PVDF heat shrink tube has a new application for LED lamp producing because of its special material and outstanding characteristics.

Silicone Heat Shrink Tubes

Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube is a special tube made of special formula and special process. Furthermore, it possesses performances of the normal silicone tube.

Kynar Heat Shrink Tubes

PVDF heat shrink tube is also known as Kynar heat shrink sleeve.PVDF,namely polyvinylidene fluoride resin owns the characteristics of fluorine resin and general resin.

dual wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Dual wall heat shrink tube is used widely in the auto field. This heat shrink tube can deal with the friction and interference between the oil tube.

heat shrink connection

heat shrink tube can be used for heat shrink connection, So when installing heat shrinkable tube,you should follow the following process specification:

heat shrink

Since 1950s,heat shrink product has been in widespread application in many fields.

PVDF&PTFE Heat Shrink Tubes

PVDF&PTFE heat shrink tube all belongs to the high temperature, But they have some differences in property,material etc.

cable joint

able joint is also known as cable end. When the cable is paved well,in order to make it acontinuous line, every separated line must be connected as a whole. So this connection is called cable joint.