Heat Shrink End Cap is made from PE material, like a cap shape. with a layer of spiral coated hot melt adhesive in the internal surface of the end cap, providing an easy and efficient way of sealing, insulating and shielding cable or wire ends.

So obviously how to apply heat shrink end cap is very important. And the process is as below:

1.Roughening and cleaning the part, which jacket and end cap overlay

2. Covering the cap one steel pipe end. Cleaning powder, oil contamination and rust to ST3

3. Preheat the steel pipe and Roughened jacket.(usually 50 degree)

4. Heating end cap from big side evenly, till adhesive melt and spill

5. Heating end cap small side evenly, till adhesive melt and spill. After finish heating, expressing the cap with a nip roll

6. Do not heat long time to the end

7. Perfect applying should no bubble, carbonization and obvious drape. All round adhesive spilled and with tight splice

 heat shrink end cap is a good protection for cable termination

heat shrink end cap

Dicore supply end cap sizes from 12mm-200mm, with valve one is available on request. More information, welcome to contact us sales@dicore.cn