With the development of society,heat shrink tube has grown into more mature and more widespread product. so application of heat shrink tube is rather improtant to us.

To a large extend, application of heat shrink tube has 7 tips as below:

1 Electrical Insulation

2 Strain Relief

3 Environmental Protection

4 Splice Sealing

5 Mechanical Protection

6 Wire Bundling

7 Identification

For the previous four applications,common heat shrinkable tube can satisfy them,electrical insulaiton,strain relief, environental protection and splice sealing.Any heatshrink tube all has these application.So it is easy to choose a proper tube.


As to mechanical protection,meduim wall heat shrink tubing is suitable.Medium wall heat shrink tubing is used in a variety of applications to seal and protect wire and cable connections. For general purpose sealing and cable re-jacketing applications, medium wall heat shrinkable tubing is available in expanded tube diameters up to 9.0 inches. Combined with hot melt adhesive provides a watertight seal to cover the largest application range offered in the industry.


medium wall heat shrink tube

In regard of wire bundling,PET expandable braided sleeving is a right choice for cable and wire harness.Due to its expandable nature, PET braided sleeving enables quick and easy installation over large connectors. Possible applications include wires, harnesses, cables, hoses, springs, rods, and chains. It is readily used in the automotive, computer, industrial, scuba, electronics, wire harness, A/V industries and the army.


pet expandable braided sleeve

Furthermore,Heat shrinkable identification sleeving is good at marking wire or cable.Facing many confusing wires or cables,maybe you’ll  feel troublesome.Now you can have a try on heat shrink identification tube.It can be printable.and the label text can be permanent and legible.


heat shrink identification tube

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