Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing

The heat-shrinkable tube is used to protect the wires contact tube or tape of the mechanical expanding, may lead to accidents. It is contracted by heating, such as polyolefin or a nylon material. These materials back to the original state (relaxed state), because they calm down. This is an extra fittings, wire and cable products. There are two ways: polyolefin viscous and inviscid standard polyolefin heat shrink tubing.

Two wires designed to protect the damage of the heat shrink tubing and exposure. But what makes them different Adhesives increase. Plastic heat-shrinkable tubing products are mainly used in railway, military and aerospace industries. These types of tubes is very fast shrinking, they are very flexible. Shrinkage and flow, while the contraction of the outer tube cohesion to the outside in the form that allows it to better maintain the wire within the adhesive melted. These adhesive heat-shrinkable sleeve product is ideal for sealing and encapsulation of wires, strain to eliminate and protect against moisture and corrosion of the wires and terminals. These tubes is the most commonly used type of the shrink tube, the heat-shrinkable sleeve of the adhesive also been widely produced products are not recommended for outdoor use, due to its low resistance to UV light. In fact, they pointed out that the low-resistance UV, only black polyolefin pipe is recommended for use in the outdoor.

The following is an adhesive heat-shrinkable tube features:

• provide moisture protection

• fire retardant

• High flexibility

• to create sealed corrosion easy to cut

• ideal use

• Suitable for sealing CATV inlets connected electrical connections, breakthrough and connectors

Adhesive provides only 4 feet long, heat shrink tube. They are usually available in a variety of colors, so you can more easily color code your connection. The heat-shrinkable tube with a thermoplastic adhesive, and help provide a better seal and adhesiveness. The following attributes of the heat shrink tubing, adhesives, your information:

Shrink ratio: 2:1 or 50%

Longitudinal shrinkage: 5%

Operating temperature range: -55 ° C to + 110 ° C

Dielectric strength: 800Volts/mil

UL Class: 600V, 125 ° C

Gravity: 1.2

Tensile strength: 2100 psi

Elongation at break: 200%

Water absorption: 0.3%, the lowest

These types of tubes suitable for wire and cable terminations and electrical connections, adhesives. It is also excellent to protect your water may cause a short circuit or other electrical wire line accident. These adhesive shrink tube lined with moisture-proof seal, moisture to be better protected. You can also use these heat shrinkable tube, bonding to repair the damage to the cable sheath and protect your outdoor connection, connector and cable sheathing.

The shrink tube axis by Dicore or 4 feet range. If you need more information about this type of heat shrink tubing  will be happy to assist you.