Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing kit is a product for our retail sellers .
The most prominent feature of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is waterproof . It is coated with a layer of good fluidity hot melt adhesive inside . When you cover the tubing on cable , the adhesive will make the tubing sealing and waterproof .

As you see in the picture , there are 6 size dual wall heat shrink tubing in the kit , 2.4mm 3.2mm 4.8mm 6.4mm 7.9mm and 9.5mm . You can choose the right size to repair your cable when you home . It is a very convenient 
wire accessories kit .

We also accept customized .

advantage :

1.Waterproof , Completely seal cable .
2.Include 6 sizes , you can choose a suitable one when you repair cable .
3.Suitable for retailers to purchase, every family will use it .
4.Accept customization .