Adhesive heat shrink tube is applied to the heat shrink tube.namely,heat shrink tube with adhesive .The adhesive has many functions: it adheres the installed sleeve to the steel at the coating cutback and mainline coating, it resists shear forces imparted by soil pressure after the pipeline is buried and provides long term corrosion protection to the steel.

So heat shrink sleeve with adhesive can protect the pipeline or what need environmental sealing more effectively.It can adheres to the protected more firmly.

As mentioned above,adhesive is a good application in heat shrinkable tube.Accordingly,I’ll introduce several types of heat shrinkable sleeve with adhensive our company supplies.

Medium wall heat shrink tube wiht adhesive

Medium wall heat shrink tube with adhesive is designed to provide reliable performance for electrical splices,connections,and terminations, as well as mechanical and environmental protection. This adhesive tubing is fabricated from cross-linked polyolefin and highly split resistant,fast shrinking to provide easy installation.

Moreover,medium wall tube with adhesive has a 3:1 shrink ratio ,thus it can fit easily over irregular shape and large connectors.

Heavy wall heat shrink tube with adhesive

Heavy wall heat shrink tube with adhesive is made of cross-linked polyolefin and has a 3:1 shrink ration.Heavy wall adhesive tubing can fit over the size from 9.0mm to 200mm.

In addition,Adhesive liner provides complete insulation and protection to electrical splices in above grade, underground and underwater applications.Heavy wall heat shrinkable adhesive has a better sealing from environment.


Dual wall heat shrink tube with adhesive

Dual wall adhesive lined heatshrink tubing is an ideal choice for  providing good ,strong sealing from environment or other worse circumstance.  If heated by heat shrink gun or heat shrink device, the inner adhesive wall melts and flows, creating an adhesion layer to ensure a snug fit to  the harness or connector.

Furthermore,adhesive lined dual wall shrink tubing has  flexible shrink rations:2:1,3:1 and 4:1,this characteristic makes it more widespread and more popular in protectting mechanical divice and other splicing ,connector ect.

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