Dual wall (adhesive lined )heat shrink tubing is one type of heat shrink tubing ,It is widely used in many fields . Different users will use it in different fields , because of one or two peculiarities of dual wall heat shrink tubing . Sometimes , customers use it in some fields even manufacturers do not aware .

   Now let’s combined with the characteristics of dual wall heat shrink tubing to analyze this question .

The description of it : dual wall heat shrink tubing produced by ShenZhen Dicore technology Co., Limited was named DHST .It is made of soft flame retardant polyolefin and hot melt adhesive double layer . The out layer made of polyolefin , it is soft, insulating, inner layer was hot melt adhesive, enough glue, nice property of liquidity, sealing , waterproof, moisture-proof and anti leakage .

As this description , we can grab some keywords: polyolefin (PE), soft, insulation, flame retardant, hot melt adhesive. It is not difficult to see that the soft flame retardant insulation material is suitable for use in electronic, electrical and other fields, such as electronic equipment wiring, automobile wire harness, appliance wiring harness, high iron, train, EMU etc are widely used dual wall heat shrinkable sleeve.

 Dual wall heat shrink tubing with hot melt adhesive on the inner wall, which is the key point . It is coated with a hot melt adhesive on the inner wall of the conventional environmental protection heat shrink tubing , Therefore, we also call dual wall heat shrink tubing as adhesive lined heat shrink tubing or heat shrink tubing with glue .The main function of thermosol is waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti leakage. Therefore, with plastic adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is also very suitable for use in the need to seal waterproof protection cable, metal pipe, sealing strands of wire harness, submersible pump cable, electric wire protection business line pool and spas and heating system.

In addition, because the wall thickness of the adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is thicker than that of the single wall heat shrink tubing , the hot melt adhesive combined with the inner wall can effectively buffer the mechanical performance, strain and reliable wear protection .

When it comes to Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing , will have to mention the shrinkage, the shrinkage rate is an important technical parameter of adhesive lined heat shrinkable tube, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing used the shrinkage rate of 3:1 and 4:1, three times of contraction is usually said and four times of contraction, with models expressed as DHST-3X, DHST-4X, the adhesive lined heat shrink tubing has high rate of shrinkage, so it can cover and protect objects very well. As the picture below

















If you have more good application cases about adhesive lined heat shrink tubing ,  share with us ! Thanks .

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