There are some factors you may consider to determine the suitability and effectiveness of a tamper evident shrink band, that will ultimately determine the product. Here’s a short list that might help you to choose the right Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing band for your product.
1)      Make sure that the shrink ratio sufficient for the bottle. Different plastics have different shrinking characteristics, so you better ask first which is right for you and make sure your bottle is suitable for a shrink band. Because it may not accommodate the bottle.
2)   The precut are recommended to allow ease the opening of the product. But be carefull, because, you don’t want to loose the integrity of the seal. In some cases a horizontal perforation allow easy opening and at the same time provide tamper evidency, or you can quote a tear tab too.3)   If printing, always try to 360 degree printing for maximum exposure and product impact. Also print it to the reverse of the film, on the inside, for scratch resistance and protection during shipping and stocking.

4)    The most cost-effective way to use the Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing band is to apply it around the neck, cap, or cover lid on a container with a heat gun or heat tunnel until the band fits snug around the container. Make sure you apply heat evenly: Too much heat will stress the band and too little will not seal the band.
5)    Find a supplier that can custom produce a film to your exacting requirements. Thickness, width, color, anti-static, conductive, UV fluorescent, shrink ratio, unique identification and stiffness and of course you might be interested on short lead times.
6)    Try to get some free samples before ordering your material and make the necessary tests.