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We are Dicore Tubing, a professional supplier of various heat shrinkable products, including different kinds of Heat Shrink Tubing/Sleevings, Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes products from different kinds of material like Polyolefin, Silicone Rubber, PTFE , Kynar, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Fluoroelastomer (Viton) among others.

We boast of a powerful technology team, big producing capacity to offer a complete line of products with exceptional quality, and bring productivity improvements to all our clients across the globe. As a One-Stop supplier, we enjoy special advantages over our counterparts: One-Stop Supply of Heat Shrinkable Products and Wiring Harness followed by Competitive price, Flexible payment terms, Abundant stocks, short delivery time and last but not the least Professional exporting experience supported by the best service quality (after sales service).

We have been serving clients for the last 12 years having started operations in 2003. We urge everyone wishing to avail our Heat Shrink Tubing to request for a quote directly online on their site. You can fill up and submit online form and inquire about rates and seasonal discounts. With a string of certifications, which stand for our legitimacy, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Dicore – A name to reckon with for “heat shrinkable” products.

Heat Shrink Tubes Product from Dicore

Heat Shrink Tubing for Fiber Optic Closures


Heat Shrink Tubing for Fiber Optic Closures is with a layer of spiral coated hot melt adhesive in the internal surface. Out layer provide reliable protection…

Medium wall heat shrinkable tubing


Medium wall heat shrinkable tubing (MHST-A) is a tubing with hot melt adhesive, having properties of excellent insulating, environmental sealing, and resistant…

Heat Shrink tubing kit


Heat Shrink tubing kit/assortment (HSTK) is a small package of 2:1 Halogen free Heat shrinkable tube or 3:1 dual wall heat shrink tubing, specially sells in…

DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Crimp Splices


DuraSeal Heat Shrinkable Crimp Splices, Heat Shrinkable Butt Splice Connectors (DHSCS) is made of polyolefin, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from…

Solder Sleeve Wire Splices


Solder Sleeve Wire Splices is one piece design, which consists of transparent heat shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder Provides insulation, Inspection, strain relief…

High Insulation Heat Shrink Protective Tube


High Insulation Heat Shrink Protective Tube (HIHST) is made from radiation cross-linked polyolefin, Designed for applications to seal and protect power…

Heat Shrink Identification Tubing


Heat Shrink Identification Tubing (HSID) are designed to meet the wire and cable marking needs of manufacturers with high performance requirements…

Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves


Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves is Consist of cross linked polyolefin, Hot fusion tubing and Stainless Reinforcing Steel Rod which keep optic…

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving


PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (PETS/PETS-F) is designed from durable environment friendly PET monofilament yarns and the unique braided construction…

Vinyl mastic tape


Vinyl mastic tape is a rubber based insulating mastic laminated to a flexible, with an all-weather 0.18mm PVC backing. It seals out moisture and protects…

Ethylene propylene rubber tape


Ethylene propylene rubber tape is a highly conformable self-fusing EPR based, high voltage splicing tape. It is a non-vulcanising, shelf-stable tape with excellent…

Branch off Clip by Dicore


Branch off Clip is with color of orange usually. It is castinged by aluminum alloy which resists to high temperature, and coating by high temperature adhesive…

EPDM Cold Shrinkable Tube


EPDM Cold Shrinkable Tube is an Alternative for 3M CXS Series with High Shrink Ratio. Its Water-proof, Excellent Electrical Properties, Fungus Resistant, Acids and Alkalis…

Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve


Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve (HSRS-N) is made of a cross-linked, heat-shrinkable, thermally stabilized polyolefin, which is coated with a hot-melt adhesive…

Accessories for fiber optic closures


Customize Packing Accessories Bag including: PVC Wrap Tape, Cable Tie, Shied Continuity Wire, Terminal Joint Connector, PVC Insulation Tape, Fiber Protect Sleeve…

Heat Shrink Cable End Cap


Heat Shrink Cable End Cap is Designed with a layer of spiral coated hot melt adhesive in the internal surface of the end cap, which provides highly resistant…

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